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Secret Santa Blog Hop!

Wow, is that guy hot, or what? I'd love to hop with him! Or on him.  Ahem.  Please continue to find out how to win, win, win! 

The grand prize for participation is a Kindle Fire loaded with wonderful books. I’m sharing below how to maximize your chances to win.
There are THREE WAYS to get more entries for the drawing. One for following my blog. One for leaving a comment and another for answering my question.
 You’ll want to link back to Blog Hop Central to gather up lots of chances for those prizes, and that’s here:


When I was a kid, I was poor. Dirt poor. I only remember a time or two that there were presents, and never a Christmas tree. We spent most of our winters in Phoenix, or I think my dad would have cut one. I don’t know. My parents don’t put a lot into holidays. Never have.
They supplied horses for two guest ranches, which just happened to border Scottsdale—a very affluent place back then. I don’t know what it’s like now; I haven’t been to Arizona in years. But in those days, to three small girls, it was like being in the middle of a desert wonderland during the holidays. Every house had strands and strands of lights. I’ll never forget the one place that decorated three Saguaro cacti like the Wise Men. It was incredible. And every house had a tree.
A glittering, sparkling tree. Magic. We could see them through the windows. We had no tree. Not even mistletoe, and no decorations. The guest ranch supplied us a place to live—a tiny efficiency apartment.  Room for three beds and a hot plate to cook. No room for a tree, my parents said.
I was in the third grade, and I went to Kaibab Elementary. It seemed as if every child in that class had exciting plans—ski trips and to go to Hawaii. Our plans were to take a lot of Northerners riding in the warm sunshine. No vacation for us.
Even our classroom had a tree. Decorated with green and red paper rings and some glitter, it looked beautiful to me. When the class closed down for the break, I asked the teacher what would become of the tree. She said it would be thrown away. I was horrified. I had no tree, and a perfectly good one was going to be thrown away?
I asked, timidly if I could have it. She said if I could carry it, I could take it. I was not a big kid, but I’d lived around horses and cows all my life. A strong farm raised kid—eight, I think. I lived more than a mile away, but I dragged that tree all the way home. Through the Arizona sand, by an orange grove and across four busy lanes of traffic.
Lo and behold, my dad put it up, in a feed bucket. My mom, a very talented artist, helped us cut out snowflakes and angels for it. It was beautiful. In that very teeny-tiny apartment, my tree took up the whole walk space. We had to crawl over beds to get to the bathroom.
To three small girls who didn’t usually have trees, or Christmas, that tree was as good as the 12 footers covered in lights, tinsel and glass ornaments.
It still is.
For my blog post, please put in the comments section, in which city did I spend a great deal of my childhood Christmases?

Our Grand prize will be a Kindle Fire HD 7". Plus Books to put on your Kindle. Here is a list of the books you will get for you Kindle.

Discovering Her Wolfen Heritage By Missy Martine
Anna Doubles Down By Missy Martine
Bait By Annie Nicholas
BB Dalton By Cat Johnson
A Cowboy For Christmas By Cat Johnson
Starved For Love By Annie Nicholas
Thoroughbreds and Tailer Trash By Bev Pettersen
Wolf's Haven By Ambrielle Kirk
Lights Camera...Monsters By Lila Dubois
Logan's Redemption By Cara Marsi
Samason's Lovely Mortal By Tina Folsom
Eternity Embraced By Larissa Ione
Snow Bound By Larissa Ione
Deceptive Nights By Sylvia Hubbard
Parallel Visions By Cheryl Rainfield
Stones Revenge By Sylvia Hubbard
A Hidden Magic By Angela Benedetti
Big Trouble In China By CC MacKenzie
Dancing In Circles By Victoria Adams
Love's Prophecy By Brenda Dyer
All In The Mind By Jenny Twist
Away With The Fairies By Jenny Twist
The Big Bad...Riding Hood Tale By Nina S. Gooden
Warm Christmas Wishes By Jenny Twist
Betrayed By The Incubus By Nicole Graysen
How to Woo A Reluctant Bride By Lyndi Lamont
Whisper Privileges By Dianne Venetta
Kill A Painted Pony By Kelsy George
Rapture Of The Deep By Kelsy George
Holiday Jinx By Abbey MacInnis

The hop runs from midnight Dec. 17th to midnight Dec, 19th.


You get three entries at each blog stop. One for answering a question at each blog stop, one for following each blog and another for commenting. You don't have to do it all but it gives you a better chance if you do. So even if you stop by just one blog you can win. Hope you will keep hopping though.


After you are finished hopping you just send Tabby an email and tell me which blogs you went to and what you did at each. You are not required to go to every blog to win but the more blogs you go to the better your chance of winning is. Send info to

 Please send it all in one email. If I get an email for each blog you will not qualify for the grand prize. It would just be too confusing to figure out that way. So one email with all the hop info.

Example of hop email for contest:

Your name and email at the top. (You only need this once.)

For each blog

Blog Name

I commented, joined blog and anwser to question at end of the blog post.

You don't have to do all these but each one gets you an entry.


We will be giving away prizes at each stop and the grand prize is a Kindle
Fire HD. Which will be given away on the 20th. Feel free to share with your friends. The contest is open to anyone in the US and Canada. Sorry about that but it is because of shipping and the fact that not everyone can use the Kindle service. You must also be 18 years old to win because some of the books are not meant for anyone under 18. Please follow these rules. Thanks!

Time to start hopping! Have fun and good luck!

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Fridays with Friends...Melissa Kendall

Fridays with Friends.

Pull up a chair; pour yourself a beverage of your choice. Make yourself comfortable to chat with my guest. Today I have with me my friend, Melissa Kendall, author of Fall In love. I’m lucky to call Melissa not only my friend, but one of my CPs.

Welcome, Mel.

1.     What part of your book took you most out of your comfort zone? In this particular book there wasn’t really anything that took me out of my comfort zone.

2.      What was the easiest part to write? Probably the locations because this book is set in my home state of Western Australia.

3.     How many books have you written? I have completed 6 novellas and one novel but I have a at least ideas for ten more works in my ideas file.

4.     How many books have you sold? I’m cussing you mean contracted and so far three Titles? Fall In Love / Life in Suitcases / Curve My Appetite

5.     What drew you to your sub-genre? It is what I like to read my self so it was only logical to write the same genre.

6.     Do you write more than one sub-genre? Yes I write Romance, Erotic Romance, Erotica and romantic suspense.

7.     Have you ever started a book, and lost interest? Not half way through a book but I have a 70000 word novel written that has issues and I am finding very hard to have the motivation to not just delete the document rather than fix it. 

8.     Do you find writing the hero or heroine easier? Definitely the Hero I am a bit of a tomboy myself so I find it hard writing girls.

9.     Has a secondary character ever threatened to take over your book? Not take over completely. But I did start writing a book and about half way through the book I had given all the male characters their own books and made it a series. Have you had to give them their own book?

10.  What is your next project? In the new year my Novelette’s Life in Suitcases and Curve My Appetite should be out.


Fall In Love

Melissa Kendall

Michael Dunbar runs his family's cattle station in the far north of Western Australia. Station life is lonely and he wishes there was a way he could find a companion that wouldn’t mind living the outback life with him. In hopes of finding a woman, Michael heads to Broome for a few weeks holiday. What he finds is something he never expected.

Mia Mason is a Perth girl who longs to leave the city behind for a life in the country.

Can two like minds fall in love? Only destiny knows.

About The Author:

Melissa is a 37 year-old stay at home mum and part-time Software Support Consultant. She lives in Perth Western Australia the most isolated capital city in the world. 

She’s always loved to read and write and spent most of her teens scribbling poetry and short stories on any scrap of paper she could get her hands on. Over the years as daily life pressures got in the way she lost the passion for it. After her son was born, she discovered online books and her interest in writing was rekindled. It has been a large part of her life ever since.
The white sands and the deep-blue sea of Cable Beach never ceased to amaze me. As a child we’d visited Broome a couple of times for family holidays, though we had a pond at home, it was nothing compared to the ocean.
As I admired the scenery around me, I saw a camel train headed my way. Of all the things I’d experienced on previous visits to Broome, a camel ride wasn’t one of them. I decided I’d correct that on my trip.
Just as the camels passed by, the wind whipped something at my face. It scared the crap out of me. At once I grabbed the item and held it out in front of me—a straw hat. I searched around for an owner.
When I glanced up, I saw a stunning, petite brunette looking down at me from her seat on one of the camels. She appeared very apologetic as the camel train continued to move forward. I ran to catch up with the sluggish animals and I handed the hat back to the beautiful woman, feeling lucky I was tall enough to reach.
“Thank you,” she said as she tried to shake my hand.
It worried me she might fall off the camel as she reached for my hand, so, I just waved her away and said, “You’re welcome.”
I watched the camels continue up the beach for a little ways before I resumed my walk.
As I walked along the beach, every now and then, the waves lapped on to my feet. My mind wandered to the brown haired beauty perched on the camel’s back. I could tell from her thank you she had an Aussie accent. I wondered where she was from, or if I would ever see her again. If ever there were a woman whose beauty optimised what I viewed as perfection, she would be it. Her beauty was natural and understated, not marred by tonnes of make-up. And, although she was by no means fat, she wasn’t one of those stick thin girls you see with absolutely no curves. I wasn’t one to shy away from the fact I liked my women with curves.
I walked for about an hour then sat down on the beach and watched the red and yellow colours dance across the sky as the sun sank below the horizon.
After a while, I became hungry so I headed back to the hotel to grab some dinner at the restaurant.
One of the main things I looked forward to during my holiday was the chance to eat something other than meat and vegetables for dinner. Don’t get me wrong, my mum was a great cook and no one did a better steak and mash than her. However, they say variety is the spice of life and I planned to spice up my life with many different dishes.
I headed back to my room to change before dinner. After a quick shower to rid myself of the salt from the beach, I pulled on a pair of well-worn jeans and a button-down shirt. I rolled the sleeves up to my elbows and on my way out the door, I grabbed the book I brought to read while I ate.
Though dining alone wasn’t one of my favourite things, I’d done it quite a few times. After the first couple of times I sat bored and twiddled my thumbs as I waited for my food, I now found time passed quicker if I had a book to read. This time around, I’d brought with me the latest John Grisham novel.
After ordering deep fried Camembert and cranberries for entrée and garlic butter lobster for the main course, I opened my book and began to read. I’d only read a few lines when I heard a very quiet, “Excuse me.”
When I looked up from my book, I expected to see a waitress with my entrée but instead, I saw the gorgeous woman from earlier. “Hi?” I said.
“It looks like you’re eating alone. Would you mind if I joined you?”
Stunned that she asked to sit with me, it took a few seconds for my thoughts to catch up. All I managed to say was, “Of course.”
“I’m Mia Mason,” she said as she took the seat opposite me and held her hand out to me.
“Michael Dunbar,” I replied as I shook her hand.
The moment we touched, I felt a strange, yet pleasurable sensation move up my arm and quickly spread throughout my body.
“Nice to meet you.” A cheeky grin lit up her face—as if she knew a secret nobody else did.

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Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!

The Crimon Authors' Six Month Hop has a winner!!!

Congrats to Julie Kornhausl!!

She wins a Kindle Reader loaded with ten Crimson titles!!!!

Way to go, Julie!

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Crimson Blog Hop

On June 4th, I was proud to be published, along with 23 other talented ladies, by Crimson Romance! Today, at our six month mark, several of us are celebrating by giving away a Kindle reader. Please leave a comment. My Crimson guest is Nancy Loyan.

Welcome, Nancy! Take it away!

A writer is only as good as her last book. Thus, writers have to write and keep writing.

It is also said to write about what you know.

My fourth novel with Crimson Romance, release date to be determined, is close to my heart and my home.  “The Right Combination” is rather telling. This romantic suspense involves the romance between two safe and vault technicians, better known as “safecrackers.” They are the legitimate kind.  The premise is that someone is killing the country’s legendary safecrackers. Raphael is the F.B.I. agent assigned to investigate only to fall in love with Nalani, a prime suspect.

Okay, why did I decide to write about “safecrackers?” Though I’m not a “safecracker,” I have a rather unusual hobby. My husband and I are safe collectors. Other people collect coins, stamps and saltshakers. Well, we collect antique safes.  They are the heavy cast iron models with intricate mechanisms, decorative art and design. We were drawn to them by their fine craftsmanship and beautiful designs.

This hobby began at a house sale where a small, 100-pound safe was for sale. I thought it was cute any my then-boyfriend made an offer and it was ours. We hauled it into his car and set in his library as an end table. An addiction was born. While other couples went on ordinary dates, we hunted for, hauled and stored antique safes. I was the wench with the winch and he mastered the Johnson bar lever.

When we married, we designed and built an addition to our home to accommodate the unique collection. They were delivered from storage to our home on a flatbed truck and positioned with an all-terrain lift vehicle. With a foot thick rebar-enforced concrete floor resting on a solid pier, the floor was designed to hold safes that range from several hundred to 6,000 pounds. Single door, double door, money chests, alphabet and grasshopper locks, cannonball models, parlor safes, hobnails, tombstones, we have them. Models range from the 1840’s to the 1940’s. They line the walls in a 20-foot by 20-foot room with a Victorian theme and furnishings. The adjoining kitchen carries on the “early bank” theme with a vault door leading to the pantry, a teller’s cage over the breakfast bar and a day gate separating the rooms. All in all, we have about forty safes in our home.

No, we do not have gold bullion or bags of cash. Our pantry holds foodstuffs while the safes make great bookshelves and storage. All are locked open.

Our collection has been showcased in publications. We are one of about a dozen safe collectors. I have written about safes for the trade magazine “Safe and Vault Technology.” Thus, it was fitting that I would create a story that revolves around safes and the safe business.


Nancy Loyan Schuemann

Purveyor of the written word, Nancy Loyan Schuemann has been writing ever since she began composing picture books for fellow students in elementary school.
After graduating with a BSBA degree in marketing from John Carroll University, she pursued a career in sales and marketing. During the past ten years she has incorporated those skills into a professional writing career. She is a freelance writer specializing in construction, design, architecture, histories, profiles, antique safes, dance, travel and special interest in local and national publications. She has taught writing at the prestigious Chautauqua Institution in New York State.
Nancy is a Cleveland, Ohio native who shares her knowledge of the city as author of
Cleveland, Ohio: A Photographic Portrait and On the Threshold of a New Century: The City of South Euclid, 1967-1999. Her love, however, is writing women’s fiction. Her first novel, “Paradise Found,” a multicultural romance set in the exotic Seychelles Islands was published in 2011. She has since contracted with Crimson Romance (a division of Adam’s Media), her first release being “Lab Test,” a humorous paranormal romance.  She is also the author of “Hearts of Steel,” a contemporary romance.
Travel has taken her around the world, including trips to Europe, Great Britain, South America, Egypt and the exotic Seychelles Islands. When she’s not writing, Nancy teaches and performs, Middle Eastern dance as “Nailah.” She shares her life with her husband and her Pointer/Labs, Amber and Topaz. Her web site is
 Leave a comment below - and don't forget to enter the Rafflecopter below to be entered to win a new Kindle and 10 of our titles! Keep hopping!

a Rafflecopter giveaway



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Wild Horses--My Debut Book!

Her family ranch outside of Payson, Arizona, is the last place Castaña Castillo thought she’d ever see again. But when her mustang activist brother goes missing, Castaña returns home to lead the search. Years of bad blood between local law enforcement and the Castillo men lead Castaña to believe the local cops won’t put out much effort to locate her brother. Especially since they think he murdered two federal wildlife agents.

Disgraced FBI agent Jake Breton needs to bring in Martin Castillo to redeem himself and resurrect his career. Falling in love with someone related to the suspect is the last thing he can afford to do. The last time he followed his heart, and not his head, it nearly cost him his life.

Danger, adventure, and death push Jake and Castaña together. Will they learn to trust each other and leave their pasts behind?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Fridays With Friends...Paty Jager!

Fridays with Friends.

Pull up a chair; pour yourself a beverage of your choice.  Make yourself comfortable to chat with my guest. Today I have with me my friend, Paty Jager, author of Secrets of a Mayan Moon.

Welcome, Paty

1.     What part of your book took you most out of your comfort zone?

Just about all of it. It’s set in Guatemala, a country I’ve never been to. The heroine is a genus with a PhD in anthropology. The hero is Venezuelan and a DEA agent. I had to learn about archeological digs, the Maya, and drug trafficking. And the difference between Guatemala, Venezuelan, and Spanish languages.


2.      What was the easiest part to write?

The scenes where the hero and heroine are bantering or seeing each other in a new light were the easiest parts to write


3.     How many books have you written?

I’ve written twenty books but only fourteen have been published.

4.     How many books have you sold? Titles?

Sold as in to a publisher? Ten. I’ve self published four.

Historical Western Romance

Marshal in Petticoats

Outlaw in Petticoats

Miner in Petticoats

Doctor in Petticoats

Logger in Petticoats

Gambling on an Angel

Improper Pinkerton

For a Sister’s Love

Contemporary Western Romance

Perfectly Good Nanny

Bridled Heart

Historical Paranormal Romance

Spirit of the Mountain

Spirit of the Lake

Spirit of the Sky

Action Adventure Romance

Secrets of a Mayan Moon


I also have several Free Reads and a Novella, Christmas Redemption

5.     What drew you to your sub-genre?

I write western or Native American stories. I live a western lifestyle and grew up in a rural area with an outhouse, having to pull water from the river when the pipes froze in the winter, and cooking on a woodstove when the power went out.  I grew up in a county steeped with Native American history and have always had a desire to learn more about them. While researching, ideas came up for stories.

6.     Do you write more than one sub-genre?

I do write more than one sub-genre, but the books will always have a western or Native American influence to them.

7.     Have you ever started a book, and lost interest?

No. I’ve always finished a story I’ve started. If I’m not completely in love with the story, I won’t research and without the research I can’t start a book.

8.     Do you find writing the hero or heroine easier?

It depends on the book and the character. In  Secrets of a Mayan Moon, both were hard. Isabella because of her genius IQ, and Tino because of his Venezuelan background.

9.     Has a secondary character ever threatened to take over your book? Have you had to give them their own book?

I’ve had several secondary characters who have been vivid to me but I managed to keep them toned down until, in the case of the Halsey brothers, their book was ready. I loved writing Crazy Woman in Spirit of the Lake. She talks in questions and picks invisible things off people. But she has visions and is extremely important to the heroine. She would be fun to one day write her story as a young woman. And Willie T. an old Klamath Indian who is the neighbor to the hero in Perfectly Good Nanny, was a lot of fun to write. He again would be fun to write as a young man. Who knows maybe someday when I run out of new ideas, I can go back and visit these two and their romances.

10.  What is your next project?

I’m working on the second Isabella Mumphrey adventure. This one is set in Mexico City and titled: Secrets of an Aztec Temple. Isabella arrives at the drug lord’s house where Tino is infiltrating shocking him and giving him more to worry about than getting the information the DEA needs. 

Blurb for Secrets of a Mayan Moon:

Child prodigy and now Doctor of Anthropology, Isabella Mumphrey, is about to lose her job at the university. In the world of publish or perish, her mentor’s request for her assistance on a dig is just the opportunity she’s been seeking. If she can decipher an ancient stone table—and she can—she’ll keep her department. She heads to Guatemala, but drug trafficking bad guys, artifact thieves, and her infatuation for her handsome guide wreak havoc on her scholarly intentions.


DEA agent Tino Kosta, is out to avenge the deaths of his family. He’s deep undercover as a jaguar tracker and sometimes jungle guide, but the appearance of a beautiful, brainy anthropologist heats his Latin blood taking him on a dangerous detour that could leave them both casualties of the jungle.


She deposited her backpack on the floor at her feet. The horn handle of a twelve inch Guatemalan blade protruded from the side pocket. Tino’s curiosity spiked another notch.

“I have a reservation. Dr. Isabella Mumphrey.”

Tino snapped the paper down and stared even harder at the woman. This was the frumpy, old anthropologist he was to guide? His gaze scanned the length of her one more time while tuning in the conversation.

“Ahh, Dr. Mumphrey, Dr. Martin said you were to get the finest room, no?” The clerk acted like a simpering fool giving the doctor her key and expounding on all the wonders of the hotel.

Gracias. May I borrow a paper and pencil? I need to make a list for the taxi driver.”

The clerk handed her the items. She stepped to the side of the counter and began writing.

Why would she make a list for a taxi driver? Curious, Tino folded the paper and strolled to a spot beside her. So intent on her list, she didn’t even acknowledge his presence as he leaned, reading the items. Army knife, candle, braided fishing line, hooks, swivels, 24 gauge snare wire…

“You are planning a trip into the jungle, no?”

She started at his voice. Deep green eyes rimmed in gold stared at him from behind wire-rimmed lenses. She blinked, focused on him, and narrowed her eyes.

“Didn’t your mother teach you manners? You don’t look over people’s shoulders to see what they’re doing.” She picked up her list and held it to her damp shirt.

Mi mamá did teach me manners, no? I am Tino Kosta, your guide to the dig at Ch’ujuña.” He held out his hand waiting for her to shake.

Her gaze traveled from his extended hand up his arm to his face. She squinted her eyes and glared at him.

“You’re not of Mesoamerican descent, so you can’t possibly be my guide. Are you in cahoots with the disgusting little man who stole my property?” She bent toward her backpack, giving him a good view down the front of her blouse.

Si, she didn’t wear a bra. The nipples peaking through her clingy shirt sat atop a palm-sized mound. Now, being a man who liked his hands filled to overflowing when it came to handling a woman—

¡Carajo!” The pointed end of the large knife that had been tucked in the doctor’s backpack waved inches from his nose. “What is this about?” A woman who ran around without undergarments shouldn’t be offended by a man viewing her body.

Secrets of a Mayan Moon is available at Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords.


Wife, mother, grandmother, and the one who cleans pens and delivers the hay; award winning author Paty Jager and her husband currently ranch 350 acres when not dashing around visiting their children and grandchildren. She not only writes the western lifestyle, she lives it.

Her contemporary Western, Perfectly Good Nanny won the 2008 Eppie for Best Contemporary Romance, Spirit of the Mountain, a historical paranormal set among the Nez Perce, garnered 1st place in the paranormal category of the Lories Best Published Book Contest, and Spirit of the Lake, the second book of the spirit trilogy, was a finalist in the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence.

You can learn more about Paty at her blog;  her website; or on Facebook;!/paty.jager and twitter;  @patyjag.


I love to give and you could be the winner! I will be giving away a $5 egift card to a commenter at each blog stop and will give a bag full of goodies to the person who follows me to the most blogs and a gift to the host who gets the most commenters. You can find the blog tour hosts at my blog: or my website:

D’Ann, Thank you for having me here today as part of my blog tour!