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Fridays with Friends...Nikki Prince

Pull up a chair; pour yourself a beverage of your choice.  Make yourself comfortable to chat with my guest. Today I have with me my friend, Nikki Prince, author of Demon Mine.

Welcome, Nichelle.

1.     What part of your book took you most out of your comfort zone?  I think just the whole overtone of it being something biblical and making it into an erotic romance did that.  But at the same time it is what made this most fun.

2.      What was the easiest part to write?  The love and lust between the two characters was the easiest to write.

3.     How many books have you written?  Written?  Too many to count really.  I have several in the works right now (over 20) and four that have been contracted. 

4.     How many books have you sold? Titles?  Demon Mine, Mocha Kisses, Hot for the Teacher and Cauldron of Tales Anthology (four other authors).

5.     What drew you to your sub-genre? I have always been fascinated with the Paranormal so it was a natural progression.

6.     Do you write more than one sub-genre? I write Interracial/Multicultural, Paranormal and Contemporary/Modern and planning to continue to branch out.

7.     Have you ever started a book, and lost interest?  No, I’ve started and if for any reason I am unable to continue for the moment, I just put that work in progress aside and work on something else until my Muse decides to play nice.

8.     Do you find writing the hero or heroine easier? Depends for me on each story really.  Sometimes the woman is easier and then other times the male is.  In Demon Mine Liliana was a bit harder to do.

9.  Has a secondary character ever threatened to take over your book? Have you had to give them their own book?  Actually three characters in Demon Mine will be getting their stories told.  Demon Mine is book 1 in the Karmic Lust series.

10  What is your next project? I have several projects in the works right now.  Currently I am working on Demon Mine’s second book, On Angels Wings (Christmas story) and a book called Upgrade.


Nikki Prince is a mother of two, who's always had a dream to be a published author in the romance genre. Her passion lies in raising her children as readers, gaming, cooking, reading and her writing. Her mother can now breathe easy about the child who used to get in trouble because she was hiding books everywhere and reading when it wasn't appropriate. She loves to write Interracial romances in all genres, but wants to let everyone know to not box her in, because there is always room for growth.


Samael is a fallen angel doomed to repeat his life and love for Liliana Jackson over and over again. That is until she finally remembers who she is and the reason for the curse that has befallen them both. For you see, Liliana was once Lilith the first wife of Adam and the lover of Samael. Are they doomed to keep repeating the past? Or will there be a new future for the reincarnated lovers?



Liliana Jackson sat on the bed in the darkened room. Her breath was ragged as she eagerly waited for her lover to arrive. The need she felt was always instant when she thought of him. The slightest movement of cloth from her sundress scraping over her hard nipples tortured her as her bare pussy dampened. She glanced at the small clock on the wall opposite her bed. It would be only a matter of minutes before he stepped across the threshold.
She tried to be patient and wait. She let out a whimper, trying her best to wait for him, but failing. Slowly, she slipped her dress up her thighs, baring her shaved pussy to the air in the room, parting her legs while she leaned back onto the pillows; her fingers teased along her slit in one smooth stroke. She slid two fingers around her wet entrance, and then leisurely teased her clit. Liliana inched one, then two fingers inside of her drenched folds with a moan. She rocked her hips to push them in deeper as her head fell back against the pillow.
She groaned once more as she neared orgasm. One without him. He'd want to punish her, and she'd welcome it. She loved it when he acted all badass around her. In fact, she wanted it. Even as independent as she had always been, she needed his commanding presence, lust and strength. It fueled all of those things within her as well. His needs fed her needs. Her eyes moved to the door. She grinned. There he stood, leaning against the doorjamb, arms crossed over his muscled chest. He looked angry—the edges of his mouth turned down and narrowed eyes fixed on her undulating body.
“Hello, lover.­” Her words were a raspy purr of arousal.
Samael, her lover and the object of her lusts, filled the doorway with his presence. Samael, with his lithe, muscular body, tattoos on his arms, long, dark hair that fell past his shoulders, and when angry, eyes so dark they were fathomless against his paler skin. He was her dark demon, the possessor of her very being, her soul. He continued to stand there, arms crossed over his chest. Samael’s dark eyes turned hazel as they slowly traveled her body to focus on her fingers, which continued to thrust in and out of her pussy. The change in eye color was a sure sign of his rising lust, a hue she was well acquainted with and wanted … no, craved to see.
"I ordered you to wait, Lili." She heard the impatience in his voice.
Biting back a small moan, she arched her back up off the bed, her eyes still connected with his as her fingers curled to stroke her g-spot.
"You order me to do a lot of things, Sami. I don't always listen."
He gave a low warning snarl. A groan from her was the response he received. He hated when she shortened his name from Samael to Sami. Her eyes moved down his body with leisure, exploring every nuance that made up the fabulous male standing before her. The black t-shirt fit his muscled form well, along with the black jeans that did little to hide his huge hard-on.
"You protest, yet your cock is enjoying the attention I'm giving myself. Seeing as you were late, I thought it would be okay to start without you. Honestly, do you think I would rather have your cock or my fingers?" All the while, her fingers continued to plunge into her tight core, her legs bent on the bed as she arched her back. She splayed her legs out before him so that he saw every thrust.
"Lili, you're just begging to be spanked." She shivered and ran her tongue over her bottom lip. His words sparked more need than fear. His approach was leisurely as he watched her continue to pleasure herself. She moved her free hand between her spread thighs and tugged at her clit. "Stop your fingers now. Remove them or you'll not get what you want from me."
With measured deliberation, Liliana pulled her fingers from her pussy. Keeping her eyes on Samael, she slowly, teasingly licked them clean. His eyes narrowed, and Liliana smirked. "You didn't say I couldn't taste."
"Remove the fucking dress, Lili. Do it quickly, or you will not get a chance to come as you need to. Then get your pretty little ass on your knees and hold on to the headboard." His words quickly wiped the smirk off her face. She didn't say anything as she got to her knees and slipped the sundress off, tossing it to the floor. With one last look of feigned defiance, she turned to settle on her knees with her hands clutched to the headboard. The rustling of his clothing filled the otherwise silent room, and then they were skin to skin. His cock, hard and throbbing, pushed against the crease of her ass as his body pressed close to hers from behind.
Her breath caught in anticipation of his touching her as she craved. She did not say a word. If Liliana tested him, he would follow through on not letting her come. That could not happen; she wanted him bad. A soft mewl slipped from her lips as the head of his cock stroked along her dripping entrance. Her hands tightened on the headboard when he pressed into her. His lips were only an inch from her ear as he spoke with what could only be devilish delight.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fridays with Friends...Christine Warner

Pull up a chair; pour yourself a beverage of your choice. Make yourself comfortable to chat with my guest. Today I have with me my friend, Christine Warner, author of Two-Timing the Boss and Some Like it in Handcuffs.
Welcome, Christine.
1.     What part of your book took you most out of your comfort zone?
The heroine in Two-Timing the Boss is a twin. At first I thought I’d have a hard time writing a story line that had a sub-plot which dealt with twin sisters, but the more I got into the story, the more I realized I was just writing about sisters, who happened to be born the same day and year. I basically drew upon a lot of my relationship with my sister. The banter and teasing and closeness.  Otherwise there wasn’t much else in the story that took me out of my comfort level since the characters had professions and were in surroundings I was familiar with.  Now, my first book took me out of my comfort level on several counts, but that’s for another interview!  lol
2.      What was the easiest part to write?
Normally I find dialogue easy to write. I try and write it like I’d speak, or how I imagine my character would speak J
3.     How many books have you written?
Hmmm, I’ve written a total of 4 books.  I wish I could write faster because I have a ton of story ideas and characters running around in my head.
4.     How many books have you sold? Titles?
So far I’ve sold 2…both to The Wild Rose Press. I have a third under contract with Entangled Publishing and I have another story out on submission.  The 2 books I’ve sold are Some Like it in Handcuffs—a light-hearted romantic suspense with humor.  And then of course Two-Timing the Boss which is a sexy, contemporary romance. As for the book contracted with Entangled Publishing I don’t have a go ahead on the title yet, so I can’t really tell you J
5.     What drew you to your sub-genre?
I’ve always read contemporary romance and enjoy it. I’ve since discovered I like to spread out a little and read other genres, but I think I’ll always write contemporary.
6.     Do you write more than one sub-genre?
At the moment just contemporary and romantic suspense…but the romantic suspense was very light on the suspense.  lol
7.     Have you ever started a book, and lost interest?
Ugh, unfortunately I have a book that I started about a year ago and I work on it for a little bit then put it away for months, then pull it back out and try again. I love the characters, but for some reason I haven’t been able to finish.
8.     Do you find writing the hero or heroine easier?
This might sound weird, but it depends on my mood. I’d say generally I can write in the female POV easier, but there are times when I just can’t seem to get it right and the male POV will flow from my fingertips and can’t be stopped. So, I just go with my mood.
9.     Has a secondary character ever threatened to take over your book? Have you had to give them their own book?
When I wrote Some Like it in Handcuffs the heroine Sunny Kennedy had four brothers and they were all pretty intense and Alpha. There were times one of her brothers in particular seemed to overtake a chapter. And I do have books planned for them…so hopefully they will get their own story.
As for when I was writing Two-Timing the Boss, the heroine Farah has a twin sister named Karah and there were several scenes where her robust personality overshadowed the more quiet Farah. I had such a good time writing Karah and I just loved her outspoken nature and humor it was hard not to let her keep going.  I have been asked already if I’ll be sharing her story, but I don’t have any plans to at this time.
10.  What is your next project?
I’m actually working on another contemporary romance that I’m keeping under wraps…and that’s mainly because I keep changing so many things I don’t dare commit to telling you the setting or the characters professions yet because tomorrow they might be different!  Lol
To secure the funds for her twin sister's surgery, Farah Smith will need to sacrifice her values as well as alter her appearance to work for a man she finds morally bankrupt. With a blonde wig and stilettos strapped on, Farah’s a clone of Keller Donovan’s harem of past assistants, insuring a position within his company.

The moment Farah and Keller meet, she realizes her most daunting task isn’t the job, but fighting an attraction to a man whose ruthlessness is as legendary in the bedroom as it is in the boardroom.

Disillusioned by his parent’s disastrous marriage, Keller Donovan is determined no relationship should have more than a six-month shelf life. But after he meets Farah Smith, all bets are off. Suddenly he wants more than a personal assistant and private bed warmer. Unfortunately, his offer of an affair doesn’t sit well with her, despite the stranglehold she's put on his heart.

Can Farah and Keller find happiness and love over deceit and libido? Will the two embrace each other or hold fast to past history?
These damn shoes would be the death of her.  She could read the headlines now:  Penniless P.A. Falls to her Death while on Job Interview.
Almost to her destination, with no more mishaps, her confidence surfaced.  Okay, maybe mastering this heel thing wouldn’t be such a big deal.  Her steps became light, almost bouncy.  Although she sensed Keller Donovan behind her, she didn’t let it deter her feeling of success.  She stepped onto the large black and red area rug, less than ten feet from her target.  The leather chairs.
“Oh!”  Farah’s spiky heel caught on the edge of the expensive rug.  Her legs shook and she shot her arms out from her sides, circling them like a bird about to take flight.  She fought to regain balance inside the ridiculous stilts strapped to her feet.  A brawl to the death.  Over when she looked down to see the rug coming up to kiss her face.  She threw out her hands, sucked in a breath and closed her eyes, scrunching her face as she prepared for impact.
But nothing happened.  There were stars all right, and a blazing jolt of electricity shot from her toes, up her legs, through her body and exited with the small gasp which escaped her lips.  Somehow Keller Donovan had grabbed her around the waist before she met the floor. 
Heat burned her cheeks.  He may have saved her body from bruises, but her ego, and whatever confidence she’d walked in with had shattered.
“Let’s not have an accident before your health benefits kick in.”  His breath
tickled her ear from behind.  Chills hugged her backbone.
His touch released an unsettling flutter in her abdomen.  She sucked in her stomach from the pressure of his strong arms wrapped around her middle, afraid to breathe. 
Two-Timing the Boss and my other book Some Like it in Handcuffs are both available in print and digital format at:
Author Bio:
Christine Warner is living her dream in rural Michigan along with her husband, three children, one laptop and a much loved assortment of furry friends. 
Besides laughing and a good round of humor, she enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, reading, writing but no arithmitic.  A confessed people watcher, she finds inspiration for her stories in everyday activities.  She loves to read and write about strong heroes and determined, sometimes sassy, heroines.
A girl gone wild, at least where social media is concerned, she enjoys meeting other avid readers and writers on facebook, twitter and her website at
And you can find me at:
My blog/website:
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I love to hear from readers and other authors J   

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Fridays With Friends...Sheri Fredericks

Pull up a chair; pour yourself a beverage of your choice.  Make yourself comfortable to chat with my guest. Today I have with me my friend, Sheri Fredricks, author of Remedy Maker. I’m lucky to call Sheri not only my friend, but one of my CPs.

Welcome, Sheri.

Hi D’Ann, thank you so much for inviting me over!

1.     What part of your book took you most out of your comfort zone?

Ahh, that would be writing Rhycious when he had his awful moments of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The emotional strain and levels of stress he experienced flowed through me and onto the page. Every time I wrote one of those scenes, I came away drained.


2.      What was the easiest part to write?


For some reason, scenes taking place within the palace came easily to me. In my mind’s eye, I saw the scene so clearly; every rock that made up the floor to the paintings decorating the walls. It’s easy to write when you have clarity like that.


3.     How many books have you written?


I’ve written five, Remedy Maker was book number four.


4.     How many books have you sold? Titles?


Two stories made publication: Remedy Maker and Portals of Oz. Unfortunately the epublisher I signed with closed their doors unexpectedly and now only Remedy Maker is available. Very soon, Portals of Oz will be back on Amazon’s virtual shelf!


5.     What drew you to your sub-genre?


A really good gin and tonic. That’s the only explanation I can give.


6.     Do you write more than one sub-genre?


Book number two, Her Future Past, is a time-travel western. No mythological creatures in that one.


7.     Have you ever started a book, and lost interest?

Yes I’ve started a book and didn’t finish, but not because I wasn’t interested. I started a story for a Halloween anthology for the publisher. They closed their doors before I finished.


8.     Do you find writing the hero or heroine easier?


As bizarre as this may be, I find writing in the heroine’s POV more difficult for some reason. As a woman, I should think this would come easily to me. After all, I know firsthand how women think. However, my muse has snapped off its stream of creativity more than once while writing my heroine’s scenes.


9.     Has a secondary character ever threatened to take over your book? Have you had to give them their own book?


LOL! Enter the next book in the Centaur Series. I made sure this minor character took a backseat in Remedy Maker, but he complained the whole time. Same thing happened in Her Future Past. My secondary characters have a story to tell, and if I only had two more pair of hands…


10.  What is your next project?


I’m working on Troll-y Yours (working title), the second book in the Centaur series. HOT Aleksander, who demanded his story told, is steaming up my computer screen with a sexy disagreeable Troll. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’d better ready Remedy Maker!


Thank you for having me here, D’Ann. I’m afraid I slugged down all of your sweet tea…sorry about that!
Hey, I can always make more! Thanks for dropping by!

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Fridays with Friends...Allison Merrit!

Pull up a chair; pour yourself a beverage of your choice. Make yourself comfortable to chat with my guest.Today I have with me my friend, Allison Merrit, author of Treasure Hunter’s Lady and Sky Pirate’s Wife. I’m lucky to call Allison not only my friend, but one of my CPs.

Welcome, Allie.
Hi, D'Ann, thanks for having me today!

1.   What part of your book took you most out of your comfort zone?

Hands down, it's writing sex scenes. You know, I'm 19 plus a few years, but I still giggle when I write the sex scenes. It always takes me longer to write one than any other scene in the book.

2.   What was the easiest part to write?

There's a scene in The Sky Pirate's Wife a couple of chapters after Sophie and Van Buren get married. They're standing on the deck of his airship about to leave the docks and he decides to teach Sophie how to fly. It's one of my favorite scenes because it's very intimate.

3.   How many books have you written?

Technically four, but I chopped the end off the first one and never went back to it. And two 30,000 word novellas, do those count? 

4.   How many books have you sold? Titles?

I just released The Treasure Hunter's Lady in February as my debut novel. I haven't really looked to see how many it's selling as much as I watch the rank on Amazon and smile when a remittance notification comes into my inbox at the end of every month.

5.   What drew you to your sub-genre?

My current favorite sub-genre is steampunk with a hint of paranormal. Or you could probably label it as historical fantasy. I got itnerested in steampunk after re-watching The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Other movies like Van Helsing and Treasure Planet had an impact on me too.

6.   Do you write more than one sub-genre?

I've written historical romances and a western story or two. I dabbled at contemporary, but it's not my strong point, although I'd like it to be. I've also done paranormal historical romance, which was a lot of fun.

7.   Have you ever started a book, and lost interest?

Unfortunately, yes. I have two that are mostly finished, but I have no desire to work on either one of them. They're both historical romances. I think the characters from one of them are beyond redemption.

8.   Do you find writing the hero or heroine easier?

Depends on the book. In The Treasure Hunter's Lady writing Abel was easier than Romy, but in The Sky Pirate's Wife, Sophie was easier than Van Buren.

9.   Has a secondary character ever threatened to take over your book? Have you had to give them their own book?

They haven't really threatened to take it over, but sometimes they're adamant about having a book. Van Buren was a secondary character in The Treasure Hunter's Lady and he's the hero of The Sky Pirate's Wife. The book following The Sky Pirate's Wife is called The Turncoat's Temptress and the hero of it is one of the minor characters from The Sky Pirate's Wife.

10. What is your next project?

I have the rough draft of The Turncoat's Temptress finished. I want to up the word count a little bit and then start editing on it after The Sky Pirate's Wife comes out September 17th. And I'm almost 20000 words into the fourth novel in my series.