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Fridays with Friends...Jerri Drennen

Fridays with Friends.

Pull up a chair; pour yourself a beverage of your choice.  Make yourself comfortable to chat with my guest. Today I have with me my friend, Jerri Drennen, author of Dark Moon Magic.

Welcome, Jerri.

1.    What part of your book took you most out of your comfort zone?  

Jerri: Well, the love scenes are always hard for me to write.  Also, I had to kill off a nice guy in this book, and I felt sort of bad about it.

2.     What was the easiest part to write? Jerri:  I do love writing sexual tension.

3.    How many books have you written? Jerri: Over 20 now.

4.    How many books have you sold? Titles? Jerri: Over the years, I believe 11, counting 1 I sold twice.

5.    What drew you to your sub-genre? Jerri: I love crime drama and suspense, so romantic suspense just fit.

6.    Do you write more than one sub-genre? Jerri: Dark Moon Magic has paranormal element to it, and I do have a contemporary romance, Fire & Ice with Samhain.

7.    Have you ever started a book, and lost interest? Jerri: Yep, I have a number of them.

8.    Do you find writing the hero or heroine easier? Jerri: Heroes are always easier to write for me--not sure why.

9.    Has a secondary character ever threatened to take over your book? Have you had to give them their own book? Jerri: Yes and yes. Galen in Untouched and Unplanned, my books with Liquid Silver.

10.What is your next project? Jerri: I’m currently working on the third book in my Z series, Hearts United.




Something supernatural has trailed Regina Moon to Groves, Arkansas where she's in hiding from an abusive former lover. A practicing Wiccan, she knows dead ravens littering her backyard signals trouble, as does her undeniable attraction to the town's sheriff, Trace Langston.


Trace swore off women because of his cheating ex-wife. That is, until the fiery and seductive Regina opens shop and strange things start happening. Bewitched and bewildered by her, he soon wonders if she hasn't put a spell on him.


When a local man is murdered, and a woman disappears, suspicion transforms the once quiet community into 1692 Salem, with all eyes on Regina, and while she and Trace try to stay one step ahead of a stake burning, they expose a cold case sealed within a circle, and unleash a passion no spell could conjure.




Regina paid for her purchases and left the store. She knew she shouldn’t be excited about the dance, but she was. It had been a long time since she’d actually planned to go out. Rod had screwed up anything she’d tried to do in Little Rock. He had refused to see she’d moved on—that she no longer had feelings for him. That alone had sent him into a crazed state. The one and only date she’d had after they’d broke up ended with Rod forcing his way into her house and trying to choke her to death. She’d had to promise to never see the guy again before he would stop.

Regina shuddered. Thank heavens he didn’t know she was in Groves. He’d probably kill her next time.

She reached her storefront and quickly unlocked the door. Inside, she switched on the light. The smell of smoke reached her nose. It was strong. Visions of a blazing fire sent her into panic mode.

She dropped the bag next to the door and ran to the storage room to see where the odor came from, but found nothing.

Next, she raced to her apartment in the back, running from room to room until she noticed a stream of smoke coming from the sink. She inched her way over and found one of her large glass candleholders inside, a half-burned poppet with red hair on top. She saw it was filled with dirt. A sign of the earth and doused with water. Earth. Fire. Air and Water. The four elements.

Another warning?

How did they get in her house?

Jingling of the doorbell from the shop had her rushing to get back. She didn’t have time to worry if the person who had burnt the doll was still lurking about.

As she came through the door, her frenzied heartbeat slowed. Standing at the counter, holding a small ball of fur, was Trace—a man she was happy to see.

“Are you burning something?” he asked, glancing down when the object in his arm moved.

“No, well, yes. I don’t know.”

He frowned. “Are you okay?”

“I just got back from lunch and walked in and smelled smoke. I found a candleholder in my kitchen sink with some sort of straw doll half-burnt in it.”

His eyes widened. “Stay here. I’ll go check it out. Oh, hold this.” He gave her the ball of black fur.

Regina looked down to find two light green eyes staring up at her. A kitten.

Trace returned a few minutes later, shaking his head. “No sign of a break-in. Is anything missing?”

Regina shrugged. “I don’t know. I was too panicked to look around.”

“Does anyone else have a key to the place besides you?”

Who did? Why had it taken a break-in for her to think about this? “I imagine the realtor had one. Maybe the previous owner? I don’t know.”

“And you’re sure this ex-boyfriend of yours has no clue you’re here?”

Regina swallowed, trying to calm her racing heart. “Positive. I have a friend keeping an eye on him. He’s been in Little Rock the whole time.”

“This is weird. First the dead birds, then the rock, and now this. How do they all fit together?”

She wasn’t going to tell him what she thought. He’d have her removed from Groves without a backward glance. “I don’t know,” she lied and tried to hand him the kitten.

“Whoa, I found that little critter outside your door. I don’t want him.”

“I can’t keep him.” She glanced down at the ball in her arms.

“If I take him over to animal control in Riley they’ll more than likely have him euthanized.”

Regina sucked in a shattered breath. “Okay, I’ll keep him.” No way was she letting anyone put the cat to sleep. He was just a baby. “Do we have anyone in town who could take a look at this little guy and tell me if he’s healthy or not?”

“Ron Eggers. He’s our town vet. I’ll give him a call. See if he has time to come by and take a look at it.”

“Thanks,” she said, then glanced around the room, all of a sudden feeling nervous. Trace Langston seemed to do that to her every time she was in his presence, and frankly, she didn’t like feeling vulnerable to a man again.


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    Jacqueline Seewald
    TEA LEAVES AND TAROT CARDS--paranormal romance now available as an ebook

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