Sunday, February 26, 2012

4th Six Sentence Sunday

Joining in for more Six Sentence Sunday fun! Go here to find more great author's snippets!

From my untitled WIP Austin's POV:

Very carefully, Austin sat his beer on the bar. Then he struck. One lightning-fast blow to Carver’s chin that sent the overweight man reeling backward off the barstool onto the floor. He bounced like a big rubber ball, once. Then he lay still.
And moaned a curse.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

Thank you, Jenn, for this award. Hugs!

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The Liebster Blog Award originated in Germany. Liebster means dearest or beloved, and Liebe is love.

To accept this award, the recipient will:
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Pretty easy to do, pretty amazing to award! So here are my five:

Sunday, February 19, 2012

3rd Six Sentence Sunday

Continuing the fun with Austin and Jamie in this week's Six Sentence Sunday.

For more awesome sixers, check out....

Her thoughts turned elsewhere as his lips came close, touched hers. It was the briefest of touches, not even a real kiss, but her stomach turned into a wild horse stampede. Her hands hung by her sides, useless. Her eyes fluttered shut and she stood still as a dress mannequin.
Then, just like that, it was over.
He pulled back, leaving her desperate for more.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

1st Page Contest

Today Jamie Ayres is hosting a first-page contest on her blog, to be judged by author Heather Burch. Five random winners will receive a personal critique from Ms. Burch.

Here's my first page, from my current WIP:

Escalante, Colorado.
Tiny. Beautiful. Remote.
Not the kind of place where women vanished into thin air.
Until now.
In the last two months, a pair of teenagers, a stay-at-home mom and a waitress from the Fly Me to the Moon Saloon all vanished without a trace. Four women with no connection between them as far as anyone could tell.
Jamie English straightened her white Stetson, took a deep breath and pushed open the glass doors leading to the sheriff’s office. As the new sheriff in town, she had a big job to do. One a lot of people thought a young woman couldn’t handle.
Especially one who left town in disgrace.
She lifted her chin. That was five years ago; a lot had changed. She’d grown up, matured. Motherhood at a young age did that to a person. So did getting elected to a job almost no one else wanted.
The sheriff’s office had been held in low regard since Tate Peterman had been arrested, tried and convicted. Five years ago, he’d looked the other way while his men harassed Mexican-Americans, including rancher Cordero Ybarra. Peterman even allowed two men named Spike Warner and Buford LaDelle to brand Ybarra’s back and later hang an immigrant worker. His subsequent replacement hadn’t been much better. Not crooked, just lazy.
She was sticking tight, Jamie vowed, for her town. And she was going to solve the disappearances of the four women. She had to. Any other outcome was unacceptable. Unlike Peterman, and the others after him, she wasn’t going to look the other way while crime was committed in her county.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

This is my 2nd week playing SSS, and it's a lot of fun. For more great snippets, go to and check it out!

This is from my current ms, titled just Austin for now.

This is in Austin's POV,thinking about Jamie.

Sheriff English wasn’t his partner, he reminded himself. She was his boss. His very young, very attractive boss. One who didn’t have a clue what she was up against.
Unlike Mandy, who’d lost her life to the drug runners who outfoxed her, Jamie was an innocent with no one to watch her back.
Except him.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Piper Denna at Wordwranglers

TODAY, February 7th, will host Lyrical Press Editor, Piper Denna.
Piper will be taking 1-3 line pitches.
The rules are simple:
1. Contest opens at 7:00 A.M. EST and runs through midnight
2. 1-3 lines
3. 1 pitch per person
That's it. We're easygoing over at Wordwranglers, but if you break the rules, you'll be disqualified.
Don't miss this chance to get your pitch in front of an editor!

Piper's bio:
Writing is a craft, a skill which improves with practice. Grammar can be learned.

Spelling...notsomuch. Either you're good at spelling, or you're not. And unfortunately, Spellcheck might be helpful, but let's face it: it's only as good as its programmers, and we all know how many problems certain software programs have. Which is why, no matter who you are, no matter what you write, you need an editor. If you don't believe me, ask Stephen King-we're very close. Like two peas in a pod. (At least, in my mind, which I mean in a completely un-stalkerlike way.)

Now that I'm done name-dropping... Books have always been my thing. And I've been a writer since I could pick up a pencil. My thoughts didn't turn toward writing professionally until about 2005, when I wrote three novels. Through a couple of critique groups and thousands of crits, both given and received, I honed my craft quite a lot. So much so, in 2008 after watching two of my books go through the editing process at publishers, I got the wild idea (the wild, incredibly overconfident idea, in retrospect), that I could do that.

My poor authors have to learn my lingo: "Innerds"-deep third inner thoughts from a character, generally requested as a replacement for narrative ("She wondered why he hadn't arrived yet" comes off much stronger as "Where the hell was he already?") or "Holding Pattern", which I type as a shortcut to remind an author to mix up sentence structure, rather than going with a repetitive subject/predicate format every time.

And I still write. (When I have time, and when I can tranquilize that inner editor enough to shut her up so I can type.) My characters must endure extensive suffering and conflict, and sometimes they do things certain readers don't approve of, but they always get their happy ending.

What kind of books do I prefer to edit? Deep conflict, relatable characters, believable plots, and a strong romantic element. Because romance makes the world go round. Right?

Piper Denna

Romance is sexy!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

1st Six Sentence Sunday

So, at the gentle nudging of my friend Jenna, I've jumped into the Six Sentence Sunday crowd.

Thia is from my current WIP, untitled. It's called Austin for now.

Escalante, Colorado.
Tiny. Beautiful. Remote.
Not the kind of place where women vanished into thin air.
Until now.

Please try out more author snippets!

And come back next week for more Austin.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Welcome to my new blog!
Not sure what I'll do over here, but here I am!