Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday

From a new WIP...Cowboy, Come Home....
Adam Pelletier parked his pickup and stepped out into the cold evening. He shrugged deeper into his sheepskin collar as his border collie, Ruby, paced at his side. As he approached the house, his skin began to tighten. The porch light was off, not a glimmer of life to be seen anywhere. His belly grumbled, and he frowned. He’d bet two cents there wasn’t any supper. Again. He should have eaten at the feedlot cafĂ©.  

            Inside the house wasn’t much warmer than the early March air outside.

            He hung his Stetson by the door and kicked off his boots in the mudroom before walking through the silent, empty kitchen. His hope Eden had something cooking was dashed as he passed through the untouched room, and only the scent of day old coffee and bacon grease hung in the cold air. His coffee cup from that morning, and the skillet he’d used to cook bacon and eggs sat on the stove where he’d left them. Piles of dirty dishes filled the sink, spilling over onto the counter. He’d eaten out of the pan that morning because it was the only clean dish in the house.

            The living room stood in darkness, and he crossed over to the potbellied stove to add a couple logs. There were still a few ashes in the bottom, and he knew the dry cedar would soon catch fire. Ruby curled up in front of the stove, as anxious to be warm as he was. After a long, cold day of riding pens at the sale barn they were both done in.

            When he tugged off his worn, leather gloves and almost wished he hadn’t. Damn, it was colder than a witch’s tit. Why had Eden let the house get so icy? Had she gone somewhere and not left a note? She used to leave him a message on the corkboard by the fridge if she ran errands, or went to visit someone, but he knew without looking there wasn’t anything there.

            He sighed and walked down the hall, past the closed door to the baby’s room, and into their bedroom. He flipped on the light, and his heart sank to his bootless toes. A lump under a mound of covers told him Eden hadn’t moved all day. Striding to the edge of the bed, he sat by her and pulled the blankets away from her face.
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