Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday--Desert Heat

         From Desert Heat:  
Mallory turned her head.  Something that sounded like a fire-breathing dragon bore down on her as if to pick her up and carry her off.  Even though logic told her it was the horse, she screamed and threw her hands up to ward him off.   But the enormous beast hit her shoulder and knocked her spinning. 

Without her glasses, she instinctively reached out to break her fall.  Too late she realized her error.  Her wide open palms landed in a pile of Cholla.  Its sharp prongs penetrated her skin, sunk in and spread its fishhook-like prongs, instantly causing shoots of agony to fill her hands and arms.  The plant stuck worse than crazy glue.  No amount of shaking could loosen it.

Mallory held in another scream and moaned. 
Getting to her feet was next to impossible. 
She couldn’t push to her feet with her hands full of thorns and the more she struggled the more Cholla she drove deeper.  Not only her palms were full of thorns, but her sleeves and the front of her sweater, too.  It covered her from elbows to feet.  No matter how much she wiggled, she couldn’t get up.  She imagined she looked like an armadillo on her back.  If she didn’t hurt so bad, she would’ve almost laughed. 

Her glasses lay a few feet from her and she had no way to pick them up. 
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  1. Ah, I can just see it! Great snippet, D'Ann and nice to meet you! Following your blog now :)

  2. Owwww! That hurt. I’m feeling Mallory’s pain. I hope our hero is nearby to swoop in for the rescue!

  3. I feel her pain. Great description as usual... Love it!