Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday: A Cowboy to Keep


“Hey, kid!”
The boy jolted straight up, turned, and lunged for the fence.
“Wait! Hold it there.” He slammed the gate shut, raced through the corral, and grabbed the running boy by the sleeve of his jacket, jerking him around. The boy writhed like a garden snake, but Cody refused to let go. Finally, the kid ceased moving.
“Let go of me.”
Cody held his sleeve tighter. “Not until you tell me what you’re doing hanging around here. Why are you in the corral with a bunch of bulls? What are you, some kind of fool?”
“I’ll tell you when you let me go.” The kid jerked his arm.
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  1. Nice peek, D'Ann! Mention of the bulls got my curiosity up. This kid's got a good reason for whatever it is he's up to.