Monday, July 1, 2013

Spotlight: Finding Flight

Finding Flight
Heather M. Sharpe
Can her gift help her find an everlasting love?

Blurb: As an Enforcer for a secret society of shapeshifters, Ledger Arneau is offered a chance to retrieve his wayward brother before The Council puts out a warrant for his arrest. When the trail goes cold, he is willing to try anything to pick it up again, even if it means bringing in an outsider. 
Corinne Winters is able to find any missing object, except her own, by concentrating on it. She’s always dreamed of using her skills to help locate missing people. After an embarrassing setback with the local police department, she jumps on the opportunity to use her skills to help Ledger. 
Corinne finds a love she didn’t know she was looking for with Ledger, and discovers a new depth to her talent when they are together. When her new love and his brother disappear back into the secret society, Corinne must stretch her talent beyond anything she ever imagined to bring them home. Unaware of the circumstances surrounding Ledger’s disappearance, Corinne races across the country on his trail. When she finally locates the brothers, she witnesses the unbelievable, and flees in terror. In order to claim the love of her life, she must find a way to accept him and his secret.
Corinne lay with her head pillowed on Ledger’s arm, his thigh between hers and one arm thrown across his chest. The first time they had come together in a rush of desperation and need, but after that, he had more than made up for what he called his “inattention to her needs”—even though she’d enjoyed every minute—with several more leisurely and exhausting couplings.
“I’ve been thinking about you like this since I first saw you leaning against my apartment building,” she admitted into his chest.
“Sweaty and tired?” he asked, his voice seeming to rumble from deep within with her ear pressed up against him.
She slapped his chest lightly as she laughed.
“Absolutely. Sweaty, tired, and totally naked!”
“Hmm. If I’d known you were into sweat, I would have kept the heater on in the car.” Ledger lifted his hand and ran his fingers from the back of her head down her long hair, and along her spine to her tailbone. “I need to tell you something important.”
“That kind of thing could make a person really nervous at a time like this. You’re not going to tell me you’re married or something, are you? Or that you’re really an alien in human guise?”
“No, no. It’s just that I’m on an assignment. It’s very important for our people that we leave no evidence that could be traced back home. Any time an Enforcer goes out on an assignment, they carry false identification and assume an alias that can’t be cracked. My last name is not Scott, but Arnau.”
Corinne forced herself to swallow the initial hurt that his words caused and considered for a while before responding. “I guess that makes sense in a hyperparanoid kind of way. Why tell me, though? If you’re so worried about being traced back, then why blow your cover?”
“It seemed wrong, you not even knowing my real name. I go by Ledger Scott to keep my people safe. You pose no threat to them, and even if you could, I don’t believe you would betray them in any way.”
Corinne’s heart warmed with emotion. He might not realize it, but he was admitting that he trusted her with something vitally important to him.
On the heels of that thought, guilt swamped her. He trusted her with the safety of his people, and she was still keeping secrets from him. In the beginning she had kept quiet because she wanted Cara to explain herself. Then, when she realized some kind of trouble was after Lynn, she wanted to keep Cara out of it if she could. If Ledger was coming clean now, should she? Or was silence still her best chance to keep Cara safe?
Burying her guilt as deep as she could, she grinned, leaned up, and grasped his hand. “Thank you. Ledger Arnau, I’m still Corinne Winters. Nice to meet you.” She released his hand and collapsed onto the mattress, then settled back into his embrace. “Whew, that was enough moving for me. We’re going to have to wait awhile before I feel like trying something like that again.”

Bio: Heather M. Sharpe lives on 6 acres in Central Kansas with her husband, perfect baby boy, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law. In case the house isn’t full enough, it also includes four noisy dogs, one cat who inspired For the love of a Sphynx, another who torments him, and a lizard.  At night, all of them think they need room on the bed (except the lizard, thankfully). 
Up until the birth of her son, Heather taught elementary school.  Now she chases around her toddler and writes whenever he naps long enough to turn on the laptop.  When not writing or chasing the baby, Heather enjoys hanging at the lake, waking up early to tear up the water on the wakeboard or wakesurf board, and making s’mores.
Make sure to check out Heather’s website and Facebook page to keep informed of all her newest projects. 


  1. This sounds like an exciting read. I'm sure seeing shifters would make me flee at first too, unless they were like the hot ones in romance novels!

    1. Thank you, Melissa! I handle wondered how I would react if I learned all the shifter books I read were true!

  2. Lovely cover, Heather. The book sounds interesting.

    1. Thank you Karen, I love the cover too!

  3. This sounds like an interesting book. I tweeted.

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      Thank you, Sheri! :)

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      Thank you, Sharon!

  6. Thank you so much for hosting me today, D'Ann!

  7. This sounds like a great book! Good luck!

  8. Like the cover. Sounds like a great read. I've added Finding Flight to my to read list.