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Liza O'Connor Worst Week Ever



D'Ann: Today, I'm interviewing a very important secondary character from Worst Week Ever, Officer Joseph Pascal. Thank you for coming way out to the middle of nowhere to have this interview.


Joey: It's Detective Pascal now, but I'd rather you call me Joey. I was a little surprised we couldn't do this by Skype.

D'Ann: Sorry. We have worse internet service than most third world countries.

Joey: It's okay. I love the natural beauty here. Something I don't see in New York City.

D'Ann: I imagine not. So are you the policeman who arrested Trent and Carrie as terrorists?

Joey: No. I'm the guy who's had a great week solving major crimes. Thus when the ATO--that's the Anti-Terrorism Organization-- failed to break one pint-size girl named Carrie Hanson, after six hours of non-stop interrogation, the chief sent me in.

D'Ann: And how is your technique different?

Joey: Well, I'm guessing these guys played bad cop the whole day, thinking they could break her faster than they could charm her, so I begin by being cordial. I asked her if she wanted a bathroom break, some food, something to drink. *chuckles* Never have I seen someone more grateful. Turns out she hadn't gone to the bathroom or had food or water for six hours. She was really desperate for that bathroom.

D'Ann: People should have the right to go to the bathroom.

Joey: They do. The guys screwed up the interrogation in a great many ways. I asked a really nice female officer to escort her to the bathroom.


She didn't appreciate the task, but she did it anyway, and discovered a very important piece of information in the process, which led us to realize the only thing Carrie Hanson had done was yell Bomb to get people to move off the sidewalk before cabinets crashed on top of them. So I let Jenson conduct the interview and write up the report so she'd get credit for breaking the case.

D'Ann: That was nice of you.

Joey: *shrugs* Jenson was nice enough to stop her work to take Carrie to the bathroom. If I had escorted the prisoner, I would have waited out in the hall and Carrie would have never had a chance to mention that it was she who called bomb and saved about ten lives.

D'Ann: So what did you do, while Jenson was filling out the paperwork?

Joey: *grinned* I quizzed Carrie about 'Master Trent'. I've heard about him for several years now from Sam.

D'Ann: Trent's driver, Sam?

Joey: Yeah, both Trent's driver and his penthouse butler are army buddies. Mars was our captain.

D'Ann: How did that come about?

Joey: Sam took the job as a driver, initially driving for the old Mr. Lancaster, When the old man died, for some reason, Master Trent kept him on. Anyway when Master Trent fired eighteen butlers in less than two years, the resource facilities that provide butlers to the pampered rich refused to send him anymore English butlers. He got downgraded to an American butler who was trained in the best English butlering academy.

D'Ann: Your former captain left the army and went to butlering school?  Why?

Joey: He likes commanding people. He knew given his lack of education he'd never become a CEO, so he thought being a butler was his best shot doing what he does best. Sam says he's the best butler that's ever existed.

D'Ann: Does Trent think so?

Joey: *frowns* I've no idea what that ass thinks.

D'Ann: I gather you don't like Trent.

Joey: I've been very close to arresting him several times. The guy's a total jerk. And he's abusive to Carrie.

D'Ann: That's new news. Are you saying he hits her?

Joey: I think so, but Sam says I'm way off the mark. He insists Carrie is Trent's favorite toy ever and he would never hurt her, but I saw him storm up to her and she didn't even flinch.

D'Ann: Did you ask her if he's abusive?

Joey: Yeah, she insists he's not, claiming the reason she didn't react is because she knew he wouldn't hurt her. But then she turns right around and admits her hurts her feelings sometimes.

D'Ann: There's a bit difference between abuse and hurting someone's feeling occasionally.

Joey: My gut says he's bad news. But even if you and Sam are right, he's still a terrible choice for her. She needs to break it off with him and get a better guy?

D'Ann: Like you?

Joey: I'll admit it, I asked her out once, and drove her home to NJ and took her to dinner, but then I realized she'd probably sink my career if we got serious. Honest to God, you will never meet anyone so prone to trouble. If she were my girlfriend, I'd have to be choosing between arresting her or looking the other way on a daily basis. I don't want to be that type of cop. So I had to cut her loose.

D'Ann: How'd she take that?

Joey: She's so in love with Master Trent, she didn't even notice.

D'Ann: So let's recap: You don't like either main character of Worst Week Ever.

Joey: I will never like Trent Lancaster. If Carrie can ever come to her senses and break with Trent, I think she could be one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. She's really sweet even now. Only her involvement with Trent is getting her into constant trouble.  There's a life lesson for young people: You hang with trouble; you get in trouble.

D'Ann: Well this has been a very different perspective Thank you for driving all the way to Colorado to talk with me. Bye now!

*Watches him drive off.*

D'Ann: Good, he's gone. I think he's a bit too harsh on both Trent and Carrie. From all I've learned, she's a wonderful person and Trent seems to have his moments of charm. Joey may be seeing trouble where it doesn't exist.

Here's more info on Worst Week Ever, book one of The Long Road to Love. See what you think:


Worst Week Ever

by Liza O'Connor

New Adult, Humor, Contemporary


What do you get when you put a hardworking, can-do middle-class young woman together with a egoistical, outrageous, billionaire boss, then throw in the worst week of disasters imaginable?

Book 1 of the 3 book series A Long Road to Love.


Worst Week Ever.


Trent Lancaster spends one month without his Executive Assistant, or as his drivers refers to Carrie: 'Trent's brain, left hand, and right hand'. He's had a miserable month without her at his side and to ensure it never happens again, he intends to marry his brilliant beauty. Only given all the times he's threatened to fire her, he's not sure she even likes him. However, the future of his company and his happiness depend upon him succeeding, so Trent begins a slow one week seduction that happens to coincide with Carrie's Worst Week Ever when everything that can go wrong does so in hilarious form.

(Hilarious to the reader--Carrie is not having much fun this week.)



Closing his eyes, Trent enjoyed the pleasure of Carrie’s body pressed against his.

His eyes popped open in horror. Oh God, David’s right. I am besotted.

What the hell was he thinking?

Statistically, his relationships never lasted more than a month and they always ended badly. A billionaire who couldn’t make a relationship last more than a month. How horrible did he have to be to chase off women who had a billion reasons to stick it out?

 If he became involved with his most valuable employee, in a month, she’d dump him and quit. Then his business would collapse into chaos and he’d finally prove his father right. The old man constantly claimed Trent was a worthless human being and the world’s worst businessman.

And then Carrie arrived and single handedly saved his company. She never gave up. If one solution failed, she’d find another way to resolve the problem.

He smiled at his sleeping EA. If anyone could make him into a better man, it would be her. Carrie could solve any problem, had the patience of a saint, and the determination of a pitbull. Best of all, she loved a challenge.



Author Bio:


Liza lives in Denville, NJ with her dog Jess. They hike in fabulous woods every day, rain or shine, sleet or snow. Having an adventurous nature, she learned to fly small cessnas in NJ, hang-glide in New Zealand, kayak in Pennsylvania, ski in New York, scuba dive with great white sharks in Australia, dig up dinosaur bones in Montana, sky dive in Indiana, and raft a class four river in Tasmania. She’s an avid gardener, amateur photographer, and dabbler in watercolors and graphic arts. Yet through her entire life, her first love has and always will be writing novels. She loves to create interesting characters, set them loose, and scribe what happens. 

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Showcase: Stubborn Hearts Carol Ritten Smith

Welcome to my blog! All through July, my publisher is running a 1/2 price sale on ALL titles published in our first year. Today I showcase one of my stablemates! (you knew I would use a horse term, didn't you?)
Please meet Carol Ritten Smith and learn about her book, Stubborn Hearts. 



Beth Patterson and her two younger brothers are hiding from the law in the small town of Whistle Creek. Beth is committed to keeping her family together and she will do anything to ensure it. Anything.


When her youngest brother befriends Tom Carver, the local blacksmith, Beth worries the truth will fly out of the six-year-old’s mouth faster than he can spit a watermelon seed.


Surprisingly, it isn't the boy who invites Tom's suspicion. It's Beth herself, the night he catches her snooping in his barn with an excuse so ridiculous it gets him wondering just what she is up to. Intrigued, he takes it upon himself to find out. But instead of unraveling their secret, Tom becomes entangled in their everyday lives.


Beth knows the dangers of letting her guard down and soon she faces a most crucial and heart-wrenching dilemma of her life. Is Tom's love strong enough to forgive her of her one felonious deed or will he condemn her? More importantly, dare she risk everything to find out?


Sensuality Level: Behind Closed Doors




Just a quick set up for the excerpt:  Due to circumstances which I won’t give away here, Beth is in Tom’s kitchen giving her little brother, Davy, a bath. All clean, Davy goes out to visit with Tom in the parlour. Beth longs to have a bath in the large aluminum bathtub, too, so she bars the door leading to the parlour with a chair under the doorknob, closes all the curtains and locks the outside door. Tom heads to the kitchen to get a deck of cards to play with Davy, unaware she is in his bathtub.


“Don’t you have the manners to knock?” she hissed, keeping a wary eye one him while willing her heart to cease its pounding.

He paused. “Knock? This may come as a shock to you, but most people don’t knock to enter a kitchen. If they do, then I’m afraid I was remiss in learning that detail.”

“Apparently you were also remiss in learning how to behave as a gentleman. If you had any morals you’d leave immediately.”

His eyebrows lifted and a smile touched his lips. “Beth, honey, it’s my morals keeping me from crawling right in there with you, that and the fact your brother is in the next room. It wouldn’t do his innocence any good to find us thrashing about in the water like a pair of otters.”

Pulse! Pulse! Pulse! A rhythm throbbed deep within her and in shockingly rapid succession. Desire tap-danced inside her. “How dare you!” she raged, looking to throw something at him.

Tom ducked as the bar of soap skimmed past his ear. Grinning, he raised his hands in submission. “Relax. I’ll just get the cards and then the kitchen is all yours. You can stay in there until you look as wrinkled as a peach pit.”

Watching her, he backed toward the cupboard and opened the drawer to get a deck of cards. “When I got up this morning I asked myself, Tom, what kind of day do think you’ll have? Never in a million years would I have guessed it would be this good.”

“You breathe a word of this to anyone and I’ll never speak to you again!”

Ignoring her threat, he retrieved the bar of soap from under the wood stove, picked out the imbedded bits of wood and tossed it into the tub, splashing her in the face. At the door he studied the chair, just then realizing its intent. Chuckling, he turned to face her. “The next time you use a chair to bar a door, make sure you know which way the door swings first.” He slid through the door into the parlour.




Carol Ritten Smith considers herself a very fortunate woman. She has a wonderful husband of nearly forty years. Her son and daughter and their families all live within a half hour’s drive. Grandchildren are readily available for hugs. And she gets to write. It doesn’t get much better than that.
For more great Crimson titles on sale, check out this site:




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Spotlight: Finding Flight

Finding Flight
Heather M. Sharpe
Can her gift help her find an everlasting love?

Blurb: As an Enforcer for a secret society of shapeshifters, Ledger Arneau is offered a chance to retrieve his wayward brother before The Council puts out a warrant for his arrest. When the trail goes cold, he is willing to try anything to pick it up again, even if it means bringing in an outsider. 
Corinne Winters is able to find any missing object, except her own, by concentrating on it. She’s always dreamed of using her skills to help locate missing people. After an embarrassing setback with the local police department, she jumps on the opportunity to use her skills to help Ledger. 
Corinne finds a love she didn’t know she was looking for with Ledger, and discovers a new depth to her talent when they are together. When her new love and his brother disappear back into the secret society, Corinne must stretch her talent beyond anything she ever imagined to bring them home. Unaware of the circumstances surrounding Ledger’s disappearance, Corinne races across the country on his trail. When she finally locates the brothers, she witnesses the unbelievable, and flees in terror. In order to claim the love of her life, she must find a way to accept him and his secret.
Corinne lay with her head pillowed on Ledger’s arm, his thigh between hers and one arm thrown across his chest. The first time they had come together in a rush of desperation and need, but after that, he had more than made up for what he called his “inattention to her needs”—even though she’d enjoyed every minute—with several more leisurely and exhausting couplings.
“I’ve been thinking about you like this since I first saw you leaning against my apartment building,” she admitted into his chest.
“Sweaty and tired?” he asked, his voice seeming to rumble from deep within with her ear pressed up against him.
She slapped his chest lightly as she laughed.
“Absolutely. Sweaty, tired, and totally naked!”
“Hmm. If I’d known you were into sweat, I would have kept the heater on in the car.” Ledger lifted his hand and ran his fingers from the back of her head down her long hair, and along her spine to her tailbone. “I need to tell you something important.”
“That kind of thing could make a person really nervous at a time like this. You’re not going to tell me you’re married or something, are you? Or that you’re really an alien in human guise?”
“No, no. It’s just that I’m on an assignment. It’s very important for our people that we leave no evidence that could be traced back home. Any time an Enforcer goes out on an assignment, they carry false identification and assume an alias that can’t be cracked. My last name is not Scott, but Arnau.”
Corinne forced herself to swallow the initial hurt that his words caused and considered for a while before responding. “I guess that makes sense in a hyperparanoid kind of way. Why tell me, though? If you’re so worried about being traced back, then why blow your cover?”
“It seemed wrong, you not even knowing my real name. I go by Ledger Scott to keep my people safe. You pose no threat to them, and even if you could, I don’t believe you would betray them in any way.”
Corinne’s heart warmed with emotion. He might not realize it, but he was admitting that he trusted her with something vitally important to him.
On the heels of that thought, guilt swamped her. He trusted her with the safety of his people, and she was still keeping secrets from him. In the beginning she had kept quiet because she wanted Cara to explain herself. Then, when she realized some kind of trouble was after Lynn, she wanted to keep Cara out of it if she could. If Ledger was coming clean now, should she? Or was silence still her best chance to keep Cara safe?
Burying her guilt as deep as she could, she grinned, leaned up, and grasped his hand. “Thank you. Ledger Arnau, I’m still Corinne Winters. Nice to meet you.” She released his hand and collapsed onto the mattress, then settled back into his embrace. “Whew, that was enough moving for me. We’re going to have to wait awhile before I feel like trying something like that again.”

Bio: Heather M. Sharpe lives on 6 acres in Central Kansas with her husband, perfect baby boy, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law. In case the house isn’t full enough, it also includes four noisy dogs, one cat who inspired For the love of a Sphynx, another who torments him, and a lizard.  At night, all of them think they need room on the bed (except the lizard, thankfully). 
Up until the birth of her son, Heather taught elementary school.  Now she chases around her toddler and writes whenever he naps long enough to turn on the laptop.  When not writing or chasing the baby, Heather enjoys hanging at the lake, waking up early to tear up the water on the wakeboard or wakesurf board, and making s’mores.
Make sure to check out Heather’s website and Facebook page to keep informed of all her newest projects.