Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sneak Peek Sunday Ride A Falling Star





“Okay.” She reached for the door handle. “Thanks.”

 “First thing first.” He grabbed her arm and a strange heat sizzled up it. “I don’t sleep with strangers, so maybe we ought to introduce ourselves. I’m Levi Callahan.”

 “Ava Demassi.” She hesitated a moment. She didn’t care to have a jealous wife after her in addition to her current troubles. “Are you single?”

His grin was lopsided. “Not hitched and planning on staying that way. You?”

 “Also single.” She held out her bare left hand and wiggled her fingers. “And also not looking for a wedding ring.”

 “Nice to meet you, Ava.” He took her hand in his large, callused one and held it. “Wish it was under better circumstances.”

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