Friday, August 15, 2014

My Sexy Saturday



Will gathered an armful of wood as Lily placed their food on the tailgate of the pickup. He’d parked close enough to the fire they could use the tailgate for a table, but not close enough the paint would crinkle.
He carried the logs to the fire ring, dumped it inside and lit the logs. “This will be perfect for hotdogs when we get done swimming.”
 “Yes, perfect,” Lily agreed.
Will turned, stopped and stared. Wow. In jeans and a T-shirt Lily was a pretty woman, but wearing a swimsuit she rivaled any model. She had taken off her T-shirt and shorts, leaving on a turquoise bikini, and while not immodest, revealed enough to make his blood run hot. Her breasts filled the top in round, firm mounds that made him ache to taste them. And her legs. Oh, her legs. Non-stop from floor to ceiling, they grabbed his attention and held it.
Realizing he was staring, Will dragged his gaze away from the stunning woman in front of him and sprinted for the lake. “Race ya to the water.”
“Wait! No fair!” Lily chased him, laughing.
When Will hit the cold water, he gasped. The reservoir, fed by snowmelt off the nearby mountains, was freezing. He dove in and began swimming. The icy water washed over his fried skin, cooling it.


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Lily’s Summer Cowboy


Storm Goddess Reviews said:

It's a quick, beautiful read that held my attention and stole my heart.”


A reviewer said:

“What an emotionally packed story. I just wanted to hug both main characters.”

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