Friday, October 17, 2014

Bobbi Romans Triple Threat

          Dead Man Rising


The Society had come to hurt her. Planted a bomb

They failed.

He’d saved her and died doing so. Or so they thought.

He’d been buried and mourned over.

None knew ...  he’d only been playing possum.

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*Come explore the creatures of the swamp...and discover a NEW breed of hero!*

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Deep in the Florida Panhandle lies the exclusive club, Iron Clad, run by ex-lawyer China Parker. Most folks strive to get in.

Steel McQuade isn’t most folks.

Happy in his home on wheels, he’s left a trail of broken hearts and pissed-off boyfriends along his moving trek across the states.

Finally parking in Carrabelle Florida, he’s intent on a quiet stint in the small coastal town. He’s sworn off doing buddies’ or boss’s wives. Even if they were the ones to instigate.

He’ll make a little money, enjoy the sites and move on.

Then a tempting invitation pulls him into the middle of a mystery. One involving the owner of the elusive club he’s visiting.

But more than wicked fantasies inhabit the club...someone evil lurks in the shadows, only question is, who?

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An American Holiday


Ahh, Thanksgiving… complete with ghosts of holidays past. Those being humiliating memories of last year's revelry gone wild: jail cells, a tattoo and rose left on Kristi James pillow by someone she can't remember.

Toss in two brothers who, while loving, had needled her with vivid imagery on what might have happened during that fateful rendezvous at the local HoJo's. Seriously, what's a girl to do? She'd run like hell from Harpers Ferry back to her apartment and job in Alexandria.

She's praying this year's holiday ends a bit more traditional. But between exploding turkey's, cranberry fights, and the winter storm threatening to lock them all together for God only knew how long, she's fairly certain her Norman Rockwell hopes have flown the coop.

Adding another layer to this casserole of disaster, the high school boyfriend—who'd cheated on her two days before prom—returns, claiming to have made a horrid mistake all those years prior.

Amid all this, what has her heart flip-flopping is catching her best friend Simon getting cozy with his latest girlfriend.

Thing is, she isn't sure why its bothering her so badly.


Sometimes it takes coming home again... to discover how lost we’ve really been.


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Happy Reading & Happy Upcoming Holidays


Bobbi Romans





  1. Sounds like a trio of great reads, Bobbi, good luck!

  2. Fabulous covers, blurbs and stories.

  3. My favorite blurb was for Dead Man Rising--short but very intrieguing. All the covers are wonderful!

    1. Thanks Jenna. Yes, that was a favorite blurb! :)

  4. Loved the covers and the blurbs! You have some great books there... and I would know...*grin*

  5. That you would! Much, much thanks goes to Melissa for a ton of help getting them ready. :)

  6. Sorry I'm late! Love those covers!