Friday, February 27, 2015

My Sexy Saturday



From Cowboy Proud in the boxed set Cowboy Up2…releasing March 2!


“Am I hurting you?”

 “Only by not loving me.” Fucking me. By not fucking me. What they were doing had nothing to do with lovemaking.

For a moment she thought he might not have heard her, but his harsh intake of breath told her he had. His fingers curled into her thighs so hard she feared bruises in the morning. “Maddy—”

To stop him from saying something he didn’t mean, she rose, then slid down. With each movement it became easier to accommodate his size. Releasing her thighs, he cupped her ass, setting the speed. His calloused hands on her tender skin felt sizzling. Erotic.

His harsh breathing against her collarbone told her he wasn’t immune to her either. She licked his ear and a tremor ran through his body. He pushed impossibly deep, to her womb. She remembered something he used to like and stuck her tongue in his ear and mimicked the movement of his cock.

His hips bucked up, slamming his cock into her.

She clenched around him.


  1. Holy hotness! Spoke one word, and I wished it was *my* name! Great snippet!

  2. That was smoking hot!! Can't wait to read the rest!!!