Thursday, June 11, 2015

My Sexy Saturday

Welcome to the 96th week of My Sexy Saturday.

This week’s theme is A Good Ole Sexy Time and think about things like the Dukes of Hazzard or maybe Nashville or the Appalachian Mountains. This week is about…well…normal people. You know, the boys next door, the good ole boys, the boys of summer and everything in between. There is nothing more sexy than a man at the beach or getting done with his chores or doing his best at any task.

From my WIP, coming in August!

Placing the suitcase inside the door, he’d turned to leave when a door opened and the blonde appeared. She’d scrubbed her face clean and the veil had vanished. Her hair hung down her back in a tangled wave that made him ache to grab handfuls of it.
Her blue eyes widened when she spotted him. “Who are you?”
 “Just a concerned citizen, ma’am.” He gestured toward the suitcase. “You left that laying on the sidewalk…”
Not sparing the bag a glance, she advanced on him, grabbed his gray wifebeater and tugged him close. “Kiss me, cowboy.”
Never one to disappoint a lady, he complied. Her lips were supple and soft and oh so sweet. When she opened her mouth to taste him, he melted like ice in July. On her lips and tongue he tasted mint, chocolate and desperation.
Her fingers twisted in his shirt, holding him tight. Not that he was going anywhere anytime soon. Hell, he’d stay all night if she liked, even though he had somewhere to be in a couple hours.
She pulled her mouth from his. “Can you get me out of this?” She gestured toward the pile of lace she wore.

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