Friday, March 13, 2015

My Sexy Saturday


This week’s theme is Sexy Me Up and while it’s hard to define, we can think of a lot of sexy scenarios that can be applied. Think about the Pygmalion types…those who don’t think they are sexy…and suddenly, all those around realize just how desirable they are. Or how about those who have just gotten over a bad breakup and need a little reassurance that they are indeed sexy.

From Cowboy Proud:


Madeline watched Shan as he helped Mason unwrap his food. Only after the child had his meal did Shan turn to his own lunch. He’d never looked as sexy as he did right then. Something in Madeline’s heart melted.

He’d always been hot, but his tender side made him even more appealing. She’d always imagined Jayna taking care of the infant, but had Shan bottle fed and changed Mason’s diapers himself?